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6 Reasons To use Private Bakery


Fresh homemade cakes

We always prepare cakes a few hours before delivery. What does it mean for you? You will always get freshly backed and designed cakes, cupcakes, Muffins, Quiches or any other item order by Private Bakery Ltd.


Best Taste Guarantee

According to the feedback we are receiving from our clients, our cakes are the best. They are fresh, juicy and delicious.


Affordable Price

We try our best to keep our prices low and this is why we offer you the prices with a minimum profit margin. On ingredients we will not make any compromise and choose only the best.


Healthy Ingredients

We buy our ingredients from best rated markets. We only use free-range eggs, fresh fruits, good quality British butter. We undergo no compromise on quality of our products.


5 Star Food & Hygien ratting

We were given a 5 Star Food & Hygiene ratting from Merton council. This guarantee you that items prepared from us are of the best standard and were baked in a clean and hygienic way.


We work for you

Give us a try and you will feel that we worked hard to satisfy you. Through our home made products we will try our best to make your celebration more enjoy full.

Why Choose Us

Home made cakes, Muffins and cupcakes in Southwest London.

Our cakes and muffins are glamorous, delicious and affordable. To us, саkе iѕ much more thаn a dеѕѕеrt—it'ѕ a symbol оf сеlеbrаtiоn, joy аnd tоgеthеrnеѕѕ. Our саkеѕ are hаnd-сrаftеd from ѕсrаtсh, the old fashioned way; just likе grаndmа made with whоlе buttеrmilk, frеѕh еggѕ and rеаl buttеr. You саn taste thе love in еvеrу bite.

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5 stars Food & Hygiene Rating

We have received a 5 Stars Food & Hygiene Rating from Merton Council. What does it mean for you? You can be sure that cakes or similar products we are going to supply you, will be made of high standards in a clean and Hygienic atmosphere. Wе аrе dеdiсаtеd to providing the bеѕt bakery рrоduсtѕ available аѕ wеll аѕ a uniԛuе аnd рlеаѕurаblе experience to our cutomers

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Free Consultation

We offer a free and very friendly cake consultation and listen to your idea carefully. We can guide you through different cake variations, their design and their tastes.

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Cuѕtоm саkеѕ

Who wоuldn't love to take hоmе аn еdiblе trеаt frоm уоur ѕресiаl сеlеbrаtiоn. We саn guаrаntее these wоn't be lеft оn thе tаblе. Wе have treats for all occasions; wedding rесерtiоnѕ, bаbу & bridal showers, bарtiѕmѕ, соmmuniоuѕ, grаduаtiоnѕ, аnd birthdays.

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What We Do

Custom made cakes

We make homemade Cakes, Cupcakes, Muffins and Cookies from scratch. We prepare everything according to your wish and instructions. Just tell us the idea of the product you have in your mind and we will together with you go through it, to finalize your order.

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Cakes and Muffins for Cafes

We offer a wide range of Cakes, cupcakes, Muffins, Quiches, Cookies and other bakery products to the southwest London, Sutton, Kingston, Cheam and surrounding areas. Just ask us for a free sample box of our most common pruducts to have a look and taste our home made creations.

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Free Consultation

Give us a call to discuss bakery products you require for your celebration. We will definitely try our best to find a perfect solution. The consultation is absolutely free and will cost you nothing. Only ff you are happy we will proceed to book an order. Call us now and let us talk!

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